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  • I love @risemomma because it's beyond social media. It's a resource that truly encourages us mommas to reflect. It's a safe & welcoming space where the message doesn't get drowned out, but is deeply rooted in the consciousness of us mommas. All I hear when I read your post or view a video is "Move!." The message is loud and clear. This is why I treasure @risemomma . Thank you.
    - remnantroyalty
  • I love @risemomma because it’s super encouraging to see something that is dedicated to helping moms reach their dreams, help them become someone their kids can aspire to be mom empowerment is so necessary love that they want to see us all win.
    - T'era Burton
  • I love @risemomma because it is a safe space for moms where they can come and find encouragement to be their best selves.
    - Trenaire R. McKenzie
  • I love @risemomma because it inspires me everyday to pursue my dreams! Not just that but to take action and do it NOW!
    - Mrs. Egenti

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