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    How to Be Competitive at Work While Supporting Other Women

    Being a beast at work as a woman can have its social drawbacks. It can actually be downright isolating especially when not done well. Take it from a momma who bull dozed her way from one position to the next relentlessly and without concern for my counterparts and their perspective. I do want yo... View Post
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    How Baby Wearing Saved My Productivity

    Let’s just say, Micah is very attached to his mommy and naturally has been since he was born. View Post
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    Rise Momma Celebrates A'darah

    Rise Momma: How have you felt challenged to RISE as a mother and entrepreneur? A’darah: Being a teenage mom, and a statistic, I knew I had to rise to the occasion. I wanted to show the generation above me, and below me, that we don't have to be failures because of our choices. Having the odds ... View Post