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How to be an Engaged Momma When You're an Introvert

  • Be honest with yourself about where you are emotionally even when you feel the guilt of turning down a hug because you’re just touched out.

  • Communicate your emotional state to your kids in a way that they will understand. Let them know that even though mommy needs a second to herself for now, she’ll be ready to play later.

  • RENEW yourself, you can’t give what you don’t have to begin with. REfuel yourself with quiet time, a quick read, manicure or walk. Whatever helps you to feel refreshed and ready to GIVE.

  • Identify the behaviors that your children may do that cause you to feel the most drained. Try to redirect those behaviors so that your emotional fuel doesn’t run low as quickly.

  • Don’t guilt yourself for NEEDING space at times, you’re an amazing momma and even more amazing for realizing that you need space to serve those kiddos at max capacity!

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