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5 Tips for Navigating Pregnancy as an Entrepreneur

Being pregnant as an entrepreneur is NOT the easiest thing.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed between the intense fatigue, upset tummy and all the other weird junk that happens to you while pregnant.

So here are 5 tips for navigating pregnancy as an entrepreneur.

  1. Eat well: We bet you saw that one coming right? Well, it's top of the list because it's a must. You really are eating for two and your body will let you know if you're not doing it right. So focus on nourishment and give your body what it needs so that you can keep on pushing.
  2. Keep it real: With yourself momma. Don't try to overdo it thinking you'll just rest later. Pregnancy can be unpredictable. Overdoing is not going to put you in the best position to keep rocking out as a mom boss, so keep it real and take it easy.
  3. Drink up: Keeping hydrated is a total WIN-WIN. We swear being hydrated helps our focus and allows us to just feel better in general. 
  4. Prioritize: Don't let the pressures of being pregnant and the impending change in lifestyle cause you to get frantic in your business. All will be well, lay down as much strategy and foundation, as you can, to support you when the baby comes, but still, work to keep it all in moderation.
  5. Take it all in: You're a freaking rockstar, like seriously. You're making a human while building/running a business. There's no one awesomer than you momma.

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